General Information

Does HotelBank also do flights?

Yes absolutely. Please contact us directly.

What if I check in too early?

Check in time is usually 2pm but if you arrive earlier the hotel may have your room ready although there is no guarantee of this.

How do I cancel a reservation?

To cancel a reservation please call us on 1300 730 039. Cancellation fees may apply. See our cancellation policy.

Frequent flier and loyalty programs?

Many hotels will accept your Frequent Flyer and other loyalty program cards on check-in.

Travel protection

We strongly recommend you take out Travel Insurance to cover any unforseen problems either before you travel or during your travel.

Amending a reservation

Please call us on 1300 730 039 and a staff member will help with your amendment. Before calling please read the amendments section of our Terms & Conditions

For more questions:

Please see our contact us page.